Our company has always paid particular attention to the environment and problems relating to energy consumption; as long ago as 1989 we equipped our plant with an air conditioning system based on the principle of heat recovery; basically, the system recovers the heat produced by the compressors connected to the refrigeration units and uses it to heat the water needed to heat the offices.

What is more, our curing rooms are regulated by a system that, thanks to sensors that detect external humidity and temperatures, allows us to benefit from favourable weather and environmental conditions; first of all this offers energy savings, while also allowing us to make the most of the microclimate of our Apennines during the stages of maturation.

The last important corporate decision regards that which is nowadays considered to be the jewel in our crown; our production plants are, in actual fact, equipped with photovoltaic systems which contribute to producing the energy used for conditioning our working areas and running our machinery.


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