The quality of a product depends on the quality of all the components in the production chain. That is why, to guarantee our customers an excellent product, that is safe and genuine, we carefully monitor the raw materials and all the stages of the production process.


Raw material and suppliers

The quality and safety of a food product begin with the careful selection of suppliers of raw materials. Our suppliers are are chosen with care and are constantly controlled, to ensure reliability at all times. The fresh meat, the ingredients, the packaging, everything is subjected to careful testing prior to acceptance; only materials that pass these tests can be used for our production.

The production process

Each stage of the production process is based on specific company procedures, which are coded and documented, aimed at guaranteeing compliance with all those good manufacturing practices that are indispensable for obtaining a safe product for the consumer. During the period of maturation, the product is painstakingly monitored and, before before leaving our plants, is subjected to strict quality controls by one of our experts.

Laboratory analysis are carried out on the final product, as well as on the raw material, in order to verify the organoleptic, camical and microbiological features.

Identification and Traceability

An extremely efficient and innovative computer system manages product traceability, as well as the traceability of every single batch within the plant. All the operations are registered in real time; this makes possible to have an accurate control of all our productions. We know everything there is to know about our products: the suppliers of raw materials, the movements of products within the plant,the rooms of storage, the date of introduction, movement, packaging, shipping, right up until arrival at final client.


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