Vitali cold meats
A selection for every occasion

Traditional classics

A range of cold cuts that goes beyond our excellent prosciuttos. We have prepared a selection of typical Italian cold meats to enjoy every day but also during holidays and on special occasions. As ever we choose top-quality raw materials, enhancing them with a painstaking artisan processing method involving simple ingredients and long but precise timeframes. People often talk about their grandparents’ old recipes, right? Well, at Vitali we like to revisit and pass on this legacy of knowledge and flavours, transforming it into cold meats and sausages that taste even better when shared: salami, coppa, pancetta, spianata salami and ventricina, as well as timeless classics like zampone, cotechino and ham shank… You decide when and how, but choose our cold meats and it’ll be party time for your palate right away!