Salumificio Vitali: a family story with a unique flavour

One family, one passion, one land. These are the ingredients of a story that goes back over 60 years: the story of our family. In the generous heart of the Bologna Apennines, for three generations Vitali has produced exceptional cold meats and hams, safeguarding a tradition that skilfully combines the quality and flavours of yesteryear with a production process focused on innovation, technology and respect for the environment. A story rich in flavour that our cold meats and hams will share with you slice after slice.

Sustainability: expert know how

For us this means producing quality cold meats and hams every day with respect for the environment and the community. It means investing in the future, seeking solutions to reduce the consumption of resources and make production processes more efficient. This is why we have chosen photovoltaic energy, trigeneration and innovative energy recovery systems to limit our environmental impact. And when we have expanded our factories we have followed the strict principles of sustainable architecture. Finally, we have taken steps to obtain voluntary certification in the energy, environmental and social fields. We want to look after every aspect of our production chain, including its sustainability.

Our cold meats: local flavours

Italian cold meats: a culinary tradition that Vitali showcases with its wide range of authentic and safe products. We only choose quality raw materials from highly reliable suppliers. To these we add just a few very simple ingredients and, most of all, a savoir faire that we have passed down for three generations. All the rest is down is to time – our patient aging process – and the clean air that we are still able to breathe in our wonderful Apennine valleys. A transparent production chain where everything is traced and nothing is left to chance. Our dedication to excellence and the quality you can taste in all our cold meats – Modena PDO prosciutto, the aged hams of the TUTTAFETTA range, Dolcecuore, the aged Guanciale and many other delicacies of the Italian cold meat tradition – remains just as strong as ever.


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¹ Compared with the average sodium value of 2760 mg in lean prosciutto present on the market (source CREA-Food and Nutrition Research Centre)
² Compared with the average value of prosciutto present on the market (source CREA-Food and Nutrition Research Centre)

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