Vitali Cold Cuts: A taste of Italy with our Recipes

Prosciutto and cold meats are versatile foods that can be used in various ways in the kitchen. However, first and foremost they are simple and delicious, perfect on their own or used in quick, no-frills recipes. For this reason the first foods that came to our minds were sandwiches: absolutely perfect when filled with tasty slices of prosciutto. We then added a handful of other ingredients to create wonderful little flavour bombs that will delight even the most demanding of palates. For first courses and standalone dishes, we have showcased the other Italian cold meats that we produce with results that will leave you open-mouthed. Check out our recipes and... buon appetito!

La Buonissima

La Buonissima Crescentina with cream of parmesan cheese and traditional Modena balsamic vinegar. Ingredients For the crescentine 500g of stone-ground soft wheat flour type 1 150 ml of water 50 ml of milk 30g of lard 30g of extra virgin olive oil 5g of brewer’s yeast about 15g of salt   For the filling 30/40 [...]

Il Ducato

Il Ducato Torta fritta with thin slices of cow’s milk cheese and Campanino apple mostarda. Ingredients For the fried pie 500g of type 0 soft wheat flour 150 ml of milk or other fat such as extra virgin olive oil or seed oil 100 ml of water 50g of lard 1 tablespoon of sugar, salt [...]

Il Friulano

Il Friulano Sesame seed bun with potato rosti, spring onions, latteria cheese and grated horseradish. Ingredients hamburger bun with toasted seeds 80/100g 80g of San Daniele DOP Vitali ham cut into thin slices a few stalks of spring onion 50g of boiled potatoes 50g of Friulian dairy 10g of songino fresh horseradish root (or Kren) [...]

Sapore d’Estate

Sapore d’Estate Ciabatta with stracciatella cheese, sage roasted aubergines and fresh tomato. Ingredients 80g ciabatta type bread 80g of Gran Sapore ham cut into thin slices 20g round tomato 20g of fresh stracciatella 30g of eggplant 10g of lettuce heart leaves extra virgin olive oil, salt, fresh sage, wine vinegar Preparation Cut the tomato into [...]