Towards a better future

Investing in sustainability means investing in the future for our environmental, social and economic wellbeing. For this reason for several years we have been pursuing projects aimed at reducing the impact of our production processes.

Environmental sustainability
our technology is increasingly green

Enthalpic aging

In the ageing rooms we create the best possible temperature and humidity conditions for the ageing of our hams. Our air conditioning systems are equipped with probes that analyse the characteristics of the external air and, when permitted by the weather conditions, use it to operate the units. This makes it possible to take full advantage of the excellent microclimate of our Apennines but also to reduce our energy consumption.

Heat recovery system

We have equipped our factories with systems that use the heat produced by the company’s compressors to heat mains water.

Photovoltaic system

The Castel D’Aiano and Serramazzoni sites have also been equipped with photovoltaic systems that produce energy used in processing activities.

Pannello solare

Trigeneration system and total recovery of heat

We have installed a modern trigeneration system that enables us to save 154.2 TOE* and an innovative heat recovery system on refrigeration units for a saving of 174.39 TOE, reducing our total tonne of oil equivalent by 30%.

*Tonnes of Oil Equivalent

Sustainable architecture

The most recent extension of the Serramazzoni site was performed according to the principles of sustainable architecture: saving resources, energy efficiency, choice and use of materials, comfort of spaces.

Carbon footprint of
prosciutto di Modena

We have calculated the Carbon Footprint of Modena PDO prosciutto to measure the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our product.

Eco pack for
il ComMenSale

For our prosciutto with reduced fat and salt content, IL COMMENSALE, we have chosen a completely recyclable packaging to reduce its environmental impact and minimise material waste.

Social sustainability:for the good of the community

Relations with local communities

We contribute to the wellbeing of the community in which we live with tangible projects, pursuing various initiatives to support the community.

We support research

Salumificio Vitali supports the AIL Bologna
‘An hour of research’ project.
Every hour in the research labs of the L. e A. Seràgnoli institute is vital for achieving important new milestones and results for the wellbeing of patients.
Together, hour by hour, we want to find the CURE for all blood cancers!


Finally, we have decided to certify our company on the basis of voluntary social and environmental schemes and to adhere to the IVSI Manifesto.

Compliance with the IVSI MANIFESTO

History and tradition, Information and culture, Quality and sustainability, Relationship with the local community, Italian lifestyle, Teamwork and Focus on the future: these are the 7 founding values of the “IVSI Manifesto: the charter of our values” of the Institution for the Promotion of Italian Cold Meats (Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani – IVSI), a charter of principles, values and characteristics that act as guidelines for those companies that decide to sign and adopt it.


ISO 50001

Defines the requisites for creating, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system.

ISO 14001

Involves a concrete commitment on the behalf of companies to minimising the environmental impact of their processes, products and services.

Certificazione SA8000

A universally recognised and shared standard and one of the main cornerstones of our Corporate Responsibility approach.