The flavours of culinary excellence

The excellence of Italian pork butchers

Prosciutto has always been regarded as the king of Italian cold cuts.There are many reasons for this.First of all, because of the long and complex processing that this national pork delicacy undergoes.You can’t rush the preparation process; on the contrary, it is important to very carefully and patiently respect the necessary timeframes: in fact, only an artisan production process that complies with and safeguards the natural aging of the ham can guarantee superior results.Then, there are the production specifications, which must be followed to the letter: every PDO prosciutto must comply with its own specifications in full in order to develop its unique and distinctive flavour, aromatic and visual characteristics.And what about the ingredients?Well, all of our prosciuttos have a very short list of ingredients: just pork thigh and salt.We don’t use preservatives or any other additives. Taste them, every slice has a story to tell.