Vitali cold meats… buon appetito, Italy!

Our cold meats: serving up the flavours of yesteryear

To describe the quality of our cold meats we would like to prepare you a complete platter of all the specialities we produce so you can savour them in your own time, slice after slice, perhaps together with a vibrant Lambrusco. Nothing could be simpler or more delicious. But for now we have to put this invitation on hold and place our faith in words and images. The most suitable ones that come to mind to describe our cold meats are: history, tradition, territory, family, innovation. A perfect summary of our world: a savoir faire deeply rooted in the Emilian Apennines, just where it all began. A production process which for three generations has moved with the times thanks to investments in increasingly innovative, respectful and sustainable processes and systems. A transparent supply chain to which we have passionately dedicated ourselves for over sixty years with the maniacal care typical of a producer that only wants to create cold meats worthy of the finest Italian culinary traditions. All that’s left to do is introduce you to our “champions”, one by one: from Modena PDO prosciutto to the aged hams of the TUTTAFETTA range, from Dolcecuore to aged Guanciale as well as many other exquisite Italian cold cuts… a mouth-watering read awaits.


Our company has obtained numerous voluntary quality certifications;
in fact, we have chosen to entrust an accredited third party with the certification of our production process and organisation.