Il Friulano

Il Friulano

Sesame seed bun with potato rosti, spring onions, latteria cheese and grated horseradish.


  • hamburger bun with toasted seeds 80/100g
  • 80g of San Daniele DOP Vitali ham cut into thin slices
  • a few stalks of spring onion
  • 50g of boiled potatoes
  • 50g of Friulian dairy
  • 10g of songino
  • fresh horseradish root (or Kren)
  • salt, white wine
  • 20g of lettuce heart


Finely chop the spring onion stalks and stew them in a pan, seasoning with salt and blending with white wine. In a bowl, combine the boiled potato, the stewed spring onion stalks, and the cheese cut into very fine cubes or grated. Mix thoroughly. Working the mixture with hands wet with cold water, obtain a disk measuring the diameter of the bread and about 5 mm thick. Cook the disc obtained in a non-stick pan over low heat on both sides and season with salt. Season the songino with extra virgin olive oil, salt and very little wine vinegar.


Cut the bread in half and heat it slightly. At the base place the songino leaves, on top place the potato and cheese stew disc. Add the slices of San Daniele ham and finish with the grated horseradish root.

San daniele