Fantasia Savoury brioche bun with ricotta, sautéed chard, chopped chard stalks and walnuts.


  • 80g pumpkin focaccina
  • 80g of Vitali seasoned prosciutto in thin slices
  • some chard with colored stems (red, yellow, white)
  • 20g of sheep’s milk ricotta
  • some walnut kernels
  • extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper to grind
  • brie cheese


In the chard, separate the leaf part from the stem part. Sauté the leaves well washed with extra virgin olive oil in a pan, using the lid. Season with salt.
Chop the stem part of the chard quite finely along with the walnut kernels. Season with extra virgin olive oil, salt and ground pepper.
Cut the slices of brie thin enough.


Cut the pumpkin focaccina in half and heat it slightly. At the base, place the ricotta previously seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil, on top place the seared chard leaves. Then add the slices of seasoned prosciutto and finish with the chopped stalks and walnuts.

Prosciutto crudo stagionato