Multigrain bread, yoghurt mayonnaise, seared celeriac and raw asparagus carpaccio.


  • 80g cereal sandwich bread
  • 80g of Vitali culatta in thin slices
  • 30g celeriac
  • 1/4 of green pepper
  • 20g mild mayonnaise
  • salt, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, ground pepper, cane sugar


Cut the celeriac into thin slices with the help of a slicer or other mandolin-type tool. Season the slices with salt, extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar. Julienne the pepper and/or cut into thin slices. Sear in a pan very quickly, blending with white wine. Salt and pepper lightly.


Cut two slices of sandwich bread and heat them slightly. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on the base of the bun. Add the thinly sliced​ culatta slices to give volume, then place the thinly sliced celeriac and top with julienned green pepper.