Italian filoncino baguette with chopped pumpkin, seared mushrooms, fresh goat’s cheese, celery and onion chutney.


  • 80g soft wheat filoncino
  • 80g of thinly sliced​Forte di Montagna
  • 10g pumpkin, 10g celery, 10g red onion, 10g daikon
  • 20g of fresh goat cheese
  • salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh pepper to grind


Evenly dice the pumpkin, celery, daikon and onion and stew separately in a pan with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt. After allowing to cool, add the cubes by adding a tablespoon of raw extra virgin olive oil and ground pepper.


Cut the sandwich in half and heat it slightly. At the base, place the fresh goat cheese. Add the slices of Forte di Montagna and finish with the diced blanched vegetables.

Forte di montagna al pepe
Forte di montagna al pepe