Altamura-style durum wheat bread, pea cream, sautéed chicory and shavings of pecorino.


  • two slices of naturally leavened soft wheat bread
  • 80g of Selezione Vitali ham cut into thin slices
  • 30g of peas
  • a few stalks of fresh wild fennel
  • 20g of semi-seasoned pecorino
  • some chicory leaves
  • salt, extra virgin olive oil, dill


Blanch the peas in boiling water. Cool quickly. In the glass of the immersion blender, add the peas, the fennel peeled from the stems and well washed, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and an ice cube. Blend until creamy and season with salt.
In a pan, sear the well-washed chicory with the lid and lightly salt.


Lightly toast the two slices of bread. At the base, place the pea cream, then place the seared chicory. Add the slices of Selezione Vitali ham and finish with the pecorino slices.

Prosciutto Selezione Vitali
Prosciutto Selezione Vitali