Panini and Sandwiches

La Buonissima

La Buonissima Crescentina with cream of parmesan cheese and traditional Modena balsamic vinegar. Ingredients For the crescentine 500g of stone-ground soft wheat flour type 1 150 ml of water 50 ml of milk 30g of lard 30g of extra virgin olive oil 5g of brewer’s yeast about 15g of salt   For the filling 30/40 [...]

Il Ducato

Il Ducato Torta fritta with thin slices of cow’s milk cheese and Campanino apple mostarda. Ingredients For the fried pie 500g of type 0 soft wheat flour 150 ml of milk or other fat such as extra virgin olive oil or seed oil 100 ml of water 50g of lard 1 tablespoon of sugar, salt [...]

Il Friulano

Il Friulano Sesame seed bun with potato rosti, spring onions, latteria cheese and grated horseradish. Ingredients hamburger bun with toasted seeds 80/100g 80g of San Daniele DOP Vitali ham cut into thin slices a few stalks of spring onion 50g of boiled potatoes 50g of Friulian dairy 10g of songino fresh horseradish root (or Kren) [...]

Sapore d’Estate

Sapore d’Estate Ciabatta with stracciatella cheese, sage roasted aubergines and fresh tomato. Ingredients 80g ciabatta type bread 80g of Gran Sapore ham cut into thin slices 20g round tomato 20g of fresh stracciatella 30g of eggplant 10g of lettuce heart leaves extra virgin olive oil, salt, fresh sage, wine vinegar Preparation Cut the tomato into [...]


Fantasia Fantasia Savoury brioche bun with ricotta, sautéed chard, chopped chard stalks and walnuts. Ingredients 80g pumpkin focaccina 80g of Vitali seasoned prosciutto in thin slices some chard with colored stems (red, yellow, white) 20g of sheep’s milk ricotta some walnut kernels extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper to grind brie cheese Preparation In the [...]


Italico Altamura-style durum wheat bread, pea cream, sautéed chicory and shavings of pecorino. Ingredients two slices of naturally leavened soft wheat bread 80g of Selezione Vitali ham cut into thin slices 30g of peas a few stalks of fresh wild fennel 20g of semi-seasoned pecorino some chicory leaves salt, extra virgin olive oil, dill Preparation [...]

Caput Mundi

Caput Mundi Roman “cazzotto” bread, buffalo mozzarella and fried artichoke. Ingredients 80g “cazzotto” type sandwich 80g of Bassiano ham cut into thin slices 1 Roman artichoke or other good quality artichoke 30g of fiordilatte mozzarella 1 tablespoon of white wine from the Roman castles or other wine extra virgin olive oil for frying extra virgin [...]


L’inatteso Multigrain bread, yoghurt mayonnaise, seared celeriac and raw asparagus carpaccio. Ingredients 80g cereal sandwich bread 80g of Vitali culatta in thin slices 30g celeriac 1/4 of green pepper 20g mild mayonnaise salt, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, ground pepper, cane sugar Preparations Cut the celeriac into thin slices with the help of a [...]


Intenso Italian filoncino baguette with chopped pumpkin, seared mushrooms, fresh goat’s cheese, celery and onion chutney. Ingredients 80g soft wheat filoncino 80g of thinly sliced​Forte di Montagna 10g pumpkin, 10g celery, 10g red onion, 10g daikon 20g of fresh goat cheese salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh pepper to grind Preparations Evenly dice the pumpkin, [...]


Dolcecuore Semi-sweet roll with cauliflower and mascarpone cream, shavings of black truffle and crumbled egg yolk. Ingredients 80g rosetta roll 80g of thinly sliced​ Dolcecuore 30g of cauliflower 5g of mascarpone 1 egg 5g of black truffle flakes salt, extra virgin olive oil Preparation Sear the chopped cauliflower in a hot pan and season with [...]